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What is ""?

I believe that learning music should be fun to the student. Because of this, I developed some teaching materials for music teachers, that will be a nice and funny complement to music lessons.
Most materials are made for use in piano, guitar, flute or violin lessons, but can also be used for theoretical purposes or other instruments.

  Who made ""?

  My name is Lars Basler, I am a guitar teacher for approximately 15 years.
  I also play and teach the piano.
  After years of teaching, I tried to made my teaching ideas becoming real -
  this website is the result.


Which games do you find on ""?

There are note die for various instruments, rhythm die, note cards, music cards and die for theoretical purposes.
Please have a look at the Categories on the left side of this site.

There are some more games in the german section of this website. If you like to get them in englisch language, contact me please.

We also offer custom made dice, everything is possible, mostly without extra costs!
Please contact me at Imprint or Contact on this site or write to info 'at'

Enjoy browsing!
Lars Basler